Your Edge in Real Estate

Your Edge in Real Estate

Welcome to the premier site for searching real estate in and around Tampa, FL. Not only is this website the most comprehensive resource to search for sale homes in Tampa, it is also backed by a team of real estate professionals ready to assist you when you’re ready.

Jared and Amber Rutherford are the co-founders of one of the nation’s most successful real estate teams and companies, Rutherford Realty Group. Founded in 2013, Rutherford Realty Group is a training-focused, fast-paced, technology-driven real estate company selling houses from Tampa to Apollo Beach with local expertise and a national presence!

Rutherford Realty Group has been acknowledged as one of the top real estate teams. While the average real estate agent sells 6 houses per year, Rutherford Realty Group has a group of specialists who sell more than 100 per year, ranking them in the top 1% of all real estate agents in the United States!

The tremendous success of Rutherford Realty Group is rooted in the belief that a specialist should handle each aspect of the real estate transaction. This means someone who knows the real estate process intimately is available to help clients throughout every step of the real estate sale or purchase, ensuring every detail is handled properly.

Rutherford Realty Group has specialists who work with home buyers and home sellers, tailoring their efforts to every clients’ unique situation. Combined, Rutherford Realty Group has accrued years of experience in the residential real estate business; it is this experience that helps them out-perform, out-execute and out-work the competition.

Their #1 goal is to strive to meet their clients needs. In doing so they build trust, loyalty and fans for a lifetime who help them by referring their friends, families, co-workers and neighbors.